Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Old Year/New Year

The last year has shown a marked improvement on the recession pressed 2011. December was especially good with many Santa voice-overs to be done. I was also invited to voice my usual Santa Session with local children for a Christmas Eve radio broadcast. It doesn't matter what the parents tell you their children like, when you ask them they come up with something quite different. One Chelsea Football Club fan denied that he liked them and the boy who was supposed to be a keen Manchester United Fan said he supported Manchester City. Ah well - you can't win them all. On a personal level, December was a very hard month as I lost my father. He was 92 and had been seriously ill for two months. Dad lived a very full life. He was a pioneering eye surgeon who founded and built one of the best Ophthalmic Units in the UK between 1954 and 1984. Even at 92 he was still involved with the Rotary Club, the local Youth Club, the University of the Third Age, various ornithological groups and was a trustee of a Conservation Centre. I will miss him.
They say that the three most stressful events in life are losing a family member, moving house and divorce. Well - I am not getting divorced. However, I am moving house. If the legal eagles can get all the contracts in order we should be in the new home in a week or two. If it all goes well I will post a photo in a new blog. In the meantime - Happy New Year to everyone.