Thursday, February 10, 2011

Happy New Year? - Roll on 2012!

I don't think I have ever experienced such a bad winter. The big freeze and snow caused havoc at Cwmcaddon with frozen pipes and, with the road largely unpassable to the average car, the problem of how to get the cats into the Cattery for the Christmas and New Year peak. Two other family members experienced loss of electricity and water. My father fell and broke his hip. there just seemed to be one problem after another and it didn't get any better in January.

The worst of it all was losing our wonderful rescued pony Frodo to cancer on Tuesday. The vet did all he could to save him but we had to let him go. He was only 12 years old - far too young to go. At least he had a better life with us. A good neighbour has permanently loaned a young mare to keep Frodo's pal company.

The recession began to hit work as long ago as August and, by January, there was very little voice-over work about. Things have improved a little in February with voice jobs for the UK, Portugal and the Middle East. Happily, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is knocking at my door again with a world-wide TV campaign for the resort in Florida. Hopefully things will continue to improve. I was very sad to say goodbye to a company I have worked for for over 25 years, voicing Interactive Safety Training programmes for the power industry. I have no idea how the rest of the year will go - far too difficult to gauge that - especially with the actions of the present government. Just have to wait and see.