Sunday, November 05, 2006

Heading down the pub

Any week in which I manage to complete all my projects and head for the pub with a clear conscience must be a good one. Most Fridays for the last 20 years my good friend Dave and I have met to talk-out our respective weeks and unwind over a meal and a couple of pints of Speckled Hen (one of the UK's fine real ales). It certainly helps to clear the head after a cluttered week.

Last week I mentioned the rather sad job which I had lined up. It was a narration about a holocaust survivor called Izak who was 14 years old when the Germans invaded Poland. He survived 11 nazi labour and concentration camps, suffering the most awful treatment and abuse in the process. At the end of the war, miraculously, he was found alive in an open mass grave. I had relatives on my father's side of the family, also in Poland, who weren't as lucky as Izak was to survive. I have always respected a quote by Karl Jaspers.. "That which has happened is a warning, to forget it is guilt. It was possible for this to happen and it will remain possible for it to happen again, at any minute".

My week was another varied one in the studio. A number of radio commercial sessions including one for Dubai, an on-hold mix with music for a South African company, a narration for a French company and (my highlight) some warning announcements for Sussex Police. I gather that these advisory messages will launch at the passing public from lamp posts. I have already warned my friends and family in that area.